My CSS3 Playground


You maybe already’ve seen that my blog is becoming more and more CSS3 elements. The last one were the Forrst trees in the footer. Another important property (especially) for web designers is the “text-shadow” property. This property was first launched in CSS2, but later deleted in CSS2.1. Now it’s back in CSS3.

At the moment, CSS3 is only supported by Mozilla (Firefox) & Web-Kit (Google Chrome, Safari, …) based browsers. That’s sad but it’ll be alright soon (Internet Explorer 9). Yeah, IE is the keyword. There are already a lot of websites out there, which use CSS3. But IE6/7/8 doesn’t support any, or just some. That’s why my Forrst trees look horrible on Internet Explorer. So I please you, use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari, if you don’t do already.

Some new cool features’ll come with CSS3. “box-shadow”, “border-image” and “border-radius” are only some of them. I can’t wait for CSS3, which is supported by every modern browser. Webfonts are also in coming now.

You (almost) don’t need any images anymore. The best example for this is the Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images article.

Html5 Starter Pack

That’s another great example up there ↑. It’s only made of HTML5 and CSS3. If you need more tips, then you should’ve a look at

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