Designers want to improve their skills. They want to invest time to learn new abilities. But they need a way to consume education in a way that is enjoyable for them and keeps them motivated to learn continuously. I want to help them accomplish that.

When I started the YouTube channel in January 2015 I had no idea how far it will take me. Getting a certain amount of visibility on YouTube is extremely difficult. People just do not see you. There are so many established YouTube channels with more than 100,000 or even 1,000,000 subscribers which will always display first in the search results. Maybe you do not even produce "searchable" content, which makes it even more difficult.

The name of the channel was Sketchapp TV when I started back in 2015 because it was really related to the Sketchapp TV website. Within these two years the whole channel identity changed from Sketch-only to a resource of helpful tips for designers, developers and creatives in general with content about Sketch (User Interface Design), Principle (Detailed UI Animations & Prototypes), Adobe XD (User Interface Design & Prototyping) and the life as a designer / creative person.

Now more than 20,000 people follow the content, are willing to learn and work their ass off to become a better designer.

YouTube is an amazing platform for almost every kind of creative person. Almost every type of content can be filmed and uploaded. Right now I am able to help more than 20,000 creative people. They are watching my videos about 60,000 times every month and about 900 new people subscribe monthly. I started video creation by recording time lapses of my design process. After some weeks I decided to follow the opinion of the (back then still small) community and made tutorials in which I am explaining my design workflow step by step.

I learned a lot about myself, my career plan and internet people within these two years. The channel enabled me to go to different countries and conferences. Huge Companies of the industry sponsored me including InVision, Marvel, Usabilityhub and DevMountain.

One thing which keeps me producing new video content is the community and their comments. I would say about 99% of the replies are nice, consist of good feedback or want to dive deeper by asking a question. That is really motivating, people are thankful for the free education.

Another aspect that helped me to produce the 200 videos on the channel (July 2017) was that these videos do not have to be perfect. YouTube is a platform for creators and the community loves character. By adding a certain character to my videos people connive mistakes.

My goal for this channel is to help people to become a designer and to improve their skills if they are already doing it. The current focus is to provide content for established designers but I want to expand that to give people the chance to become a designer with little to no budget or previous education. There are a lot of people who are afraid to become a designer because of several reasons. Many think it requires some higher education degree. Other people just don't have the money to pay for certain tools. But I think you do not need all of that. You need to be able to think analytical but also creative. Mixing these abilities results in a person who is able to empathize with the users of his or her website or application.