Sketchapp TV is a platform that combines free design resources and video tutorials about a user interface design app called Sketch. It's used by more than 8,000 people each month. The beginning of Sketchapp TV is a fun story. The whole concept changed within a few days but focused back to the original idea within a few months.

It all started out with the idea to create a portal in which I would collect and share all the different videos about Sketch. So I purchased the domain for like $50 a year. The problem was that I really had a difficult time constantly finding new video content about Sketch because there were no people creating any. There were a few promotional videos and some basic tutorials but that was about it. So I changed the focus to collecting freebies (design resources like UI Kits, Icon Sets etc.) but the video thing was still in my head.

This was the first version back in December 2014:

A few days after the launch: I posted it to Product Hunt and this was a huge success. Clark, the CEO of InVision contacted me about a potential sponsorship opportunity and this started the whole project because of a great initial funding. With more budget and motivation because people started to visit the website daily I kept uploading new content every single day.

I constantly tried new things and improved the whole website. This is the second version a few monthy later (Q1/2015):

I finally came back to the idea to produce video content. It started with timelapses of my design process and a few months later it expanded to full tutorials. This should of course influence the website. So I added a huge area dedicated to videos about Sketch. This was also very interesting. People started to accept and love the video idea. But it took too much space of the landing page.

Another change: The free resources changed from huge images to collections of three resources packed together. I wanted to improve how designers view and download the resources so this was a very rational step: showing more than just one item on a detail page.

The new item concept is still there nowadays but I improved how video influences the website. The videos are less visible, less overwhelming but still an important part of the website. So the focus changed back a little to resources and every day there is a new one ready to be downloaded and used by designers.