Social applications are THE market to invest in because of the huge growth potential. But it's extremely difficult to get started and become successful because there are so many established companies already which are constantly trying to bind their users to their platform.

One reason that keeps people coming back to the app is a great experience while using the app. If you want your app to be used daily you need to have a long-term strategy which involves user experience design. Vipply considered that and hired me to create the first design version of their social app which aims to get people to post photo content and react to other users by liking or sharing their content or even writing a comment.

The important design part of the whole process was split in several feedback cycles and generated some interesting realizations: The design should deliver a professional experience which is visually appealing and should also focus on the user interaction. We managed to achieve the first one by working with the user generated content. We put an emphasis on showing the photo content directly, producing a curiosity inside the mind of other users. This ceased in the desired action to open and interact with as much content as possible.

Posting creative content on the internet is connected to certain anxieties. Common questions which stress people are "Will people like my content?", "Will they tell me I'm bad at it?" and "Will somebody see the stuff I uploaded?". Everyone wants to be seen, wants to be special and wants to get compliments. Very often we do not get these wishes fulfilled which as a result produces fear within our psychology. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel (Source) puts it that way:

"One of the saddest things that happens with creativity ... I think sometimes it isn't expressed because of fear. Everyone is born very, very, very creative, but at some point, it can be scary to try to do something new, that feels different."

One way how we dealt with this is by only enabling positive interaction.

There are many apps in the market which let you edit and post photos. But for Vipply it was quite important to enable the user to have different communication options for both the content and user interaction. That is why we used common ways to interact with content (like, comment, share features) and created well-conceived reply feeds as well.

The main goal was to develop a new, creative and positive way of posting photography content while also interacting with other people in a nice way to appreciate the content and each other and generating positive feelings in the user's mind.